Looking for solar panels in Melbourne?

Solar energy is the smart and sensible energy option. Solar panels are good for you and great for the environment!

If you don’t have solar panels installed in your home or business yet, here’s what you could be missing out on….


You could be eligible for a solar rebate on your new solar panels by the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes program. Solar PV rebates are limited, so check first if the applications are open. Before you can claim a rebate, you need to have been issued with an eligibility number before installing your system, so spend the time now doing your solar panel research. You could claim back the value of a 4kW system which through Good Choice Solar will put about $$$ back in your pocket! Register your expression of interest for the next funding round today.

Please note, not everyone is eligible for the Victorian Government’s Solar Rebate, so we recommend you check your eligibility, otherwise you might be missing out on the cost saving measures of solar energy if you decide to wait until applications re-open.

The Government Solar Rebate

Reduce your family’s electricity bills


The average electricity bill in Victoria is $1,602. Over 10 years, that’s $16,000 of lights, tv and washing costs out of your bank account and into the pockets of your utility company. This is a conservative figure too, considering electricity prices continue to soar every year.

By switching to solar panels, you won’t be using as much electricity from the grid and you have a chance to feed excess energy you produce back into it, which offsets further costs.


The economic savings and positive environmental impact that comes with solar panels, add more value to your property and this is great for increasing re-sale value or yielding greater rental returns – especially if you are reimbursed by the Victorian Government for your solar panel installation.

Increase the re-sale value of your house

Reduce your carbon footprint


If you are concerned about your carbon footprint and climate change, then you can do your part by generating energy from the sun rather than coal. Solar panels use only the sun to generate power – no digging, tunnelling or fuel emissions that impact the world around us. Solar energy is clean, green and renewable.

How Solar Works

Become solar savvy in 60 seconds!

  • The sun gives off light, even on cloudy days

  • PV cells on the panels turns the light into electricity

  • The current flows into a converter, which converts it to AC electricity – ready to use

  • The current is fed through a meter then into your homes converter unit

  • Plug in and switch on. Your home will automatically use the free electricity you’ve generated, then switch back to the grid as needed

  • Any electricity you don’t use is exported to the grid for others to use

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